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Charity knitting: I've got a good cause

Any extra yarn out there? Ahem, Nicole. *g*

I'll be going to China in 3-ish months to pick up my daughter, and I was thinking it would be great to take a big bag of handknits for the orphanage. Hats, scarves, blankets, felted tote bags... ok, maybe not the latter, you can save *those* for me. ;)

It's not just the tiny kids, either. There are lots of older kids/teens, so you could maybe do something a little funky and fun for them.

Anybody interested?
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I have plenty of yarn and I was just boxing up some to give to charity--do you want it?

How cold does it really get there?
Well, it depends where in the country Julia will be from... but in the winter, they can definitely use medium to heavy weight knits. I'll let you know if I can handle more yarn. I still have all the blush yarn and baby yarn you sent. So I think I'll make a few things with that to take. If you get time and are so inclined, let me know if you want to knit up a few small things for me to take.

Is there a charity knitting livejournal group? Or, do they discuss this sort of thing on knitting? I'd be interested in asking around, but I don't know the etiquette there as well.
I don't know if there is a charity group, but it wouldn't hurt to ask on knitting and see. Someone should know! Or you can see the links list. I don't remember seeing or hearing of anything. Maybe if there isn't, we should start one!
Yes, we could! Hmm, I'll check out knitting and probably post something.

Also, I have a personal contact with an orphanage in Beijing, which is where my cousin Molly lived. That's very north, so I *know* they would need heavier-weight knits for the kids. I could donate to them as well, if we can get enough going. :)
Because I'm working and welcome the interruption, I went ahead and created charity_knitter. I'll work on it more when I've made some headway with these encyclopedia entries. Would you like to co-mod?
Oh, thanks for doing that! I'll co-mod, no problem. I'll post something to knitting later, when I am home from work and have hammered out details as to where I'd want things mailed. :)

oh, actually, some of the stuff nic gave me that i don't really know what to do with could work ;) what're you thinking?
Whatever you'd like that a baby through teen could use! Even a fun accessory, that would be something unique and fun and something they might not receive otherwise. Also, stuffed animals, blankets, etc. etc.
cool, i'll see what i can whip up. what's your timeframe?
Well, no dates are definite yet, but I expect my referral in anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks, and then I travel 6-8 weeks after that. So like, 3-ish months.

Thank you everyone who is offering! I am excited about this!
i can do 3-ish months! yay :D
I have a hat and 2 scarves and might have more by the time you leave. My stash is full of just enough for a hat or scarf or mittens of lots of different yarns.
Excellent! Thanks! :) I can email my address out to anyone who wants to send me knits.
Yes! I have way too much yarn (as if there could be such a thing) and would even be willing to donate to other people who want to do it, too.
I have lots of leftover worsted from random projects-I could probably churn out some H20 hats for the teens.
I was thinking the same thing about those adorable baby hats that were out in IK a few issues ago.
Oh-good call! What issue was that? I have a ton of bootie patterns too.
I'll check when I get home, but it had to have been sometime in the past year. The cabled one is especially cute.