tell me things i won't mind forgetting (skate97) wrote in needlesinthehay,
tell me things i won't mind forgetting

baby blanket, take 3

so, i'm thinking of starting the baby blanket again, now that i have the yarn all wound into balls. my question is, do you think i shoudl go buy a pair of circs? because i'm not really too keen on making squares and sewing them together at the end, and i'm afraid even if i do it on long straights, it will bunch too much and be too awkward. i haven't even settled on a pattern yet, and i'm not entirely sure what size to make them on since it's kind of thin yarn, i don't want it to be too full of holes, but i don't want it to take me till he's 21 to finish, either. i think i might either try the big bad baby blanket in snb (though i think that's done with thicker yarn, i'm not sure if it would exactly work with what i have) or just do something like nicole said. all the patterns i'm finding are ones where you switch colors, and i don't want to do that. what do you all think?
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the blanket i 'am' making is somewhere between baby size and throw size and cics have been a life saver- you can stretch out your work to see how big it really is.
that's what i'm thinking. too much of a pain on straights. now to figure out what size...
Hey, I'm all about the low effort. A good variegated does all the work for you. Circs, I think, are a matter of preference if you're not knitting in the round. I like them, but I've run into people who don't.
i don't mind them, i just don't like how the middle curls in the beginning. does dipping them in hot water fix that?
So they say, but I found a kind where the cord doesn't curl at all--Addi Bamboo. The needle parts are bamboo and the middle is some kind of coated metal cable--as opposed to the usual nylon cord--and you can unwind it from the package and wind it back up, and it's not springy. Lurve.
ooh...where did you get them? only in specialty yarn stores, or can i get them at an ac moore or michaels or joanns?
I think I bought it at the Ewe in Concord. I've never seen them in a chain store, but that doesn't mean they aren't there. I saw Clover bamboos at Michael's a few weeks ago.
cool. the ones i have are clovers. i shall have to go look. thanky :)
yah i have clovers too, i'd try the hot water (i haven't yet- but my blankets been on it since it was blanket weather so i'm sure it's squooshed the spring out of it)- after a couple rows they get weighed down.