emily fazzar (secretlifeof_em) wrote in needlesinthehay,
emily fazzar

the curse

i have a new evolution in the curse of the boyfriend sweater. my darling, mostly sweet (ok, somewhat sweet, mostly obnoxious) boyfriend, abfarrer has never shown any interest in my knitting him a sweater or anything else wearable. i think this is because usually i pick out the worst, fun-furriest meets ribbon and bobble yarn i can find and insist it's perfect for him.

one of his favorite shows ever was Firefly (gaining momentum again after the release of the movie Serenity)- so i got him the box set for christmas and we spent the last couple weeks watching it. it's a really great show, but anyways, slowly rounding the corner to get to a point here- i found a community, bigdamnknitters which talks about the knitted stuff on the show, mostly the jayne hat (which granted, is AWESOME)- but i can't imagine andy ever wearing it.

no no. watching the show, and perusing various fan websites, my beloved, 6'6" boyfriend decides he wants this sweater. which, again, is flipping AWESOME, and it's not that i don't think i could knit it, it's just that there doesn't appear to be a pattern anywhere for it- which kinda makes me want to cry. i promised him i'd try, but it would take me a long time- i hope these lovely folks come up with, and post a pattern before i have to give it a try. that's one hell of a task for a girls first sweater.


just thought i'd share my doom.
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