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Welcome to needlesinthehay! This community is the homebase for a group of DC based knitters who will be meeting on a weekly basis, but welcome virtual participants from around the world. We're still evolving right now, so suggestions on our userinfo are welcome!

Things to look for on needlesinthehay:

1. Where and when we'll be meeting each week and who our leader will be
2. Field trips we'll be taking
3. "Homework Assignments" for meet-ups (details to come ;) )
4. Information on charitable projects we'll be working on together (like Warm Up America)
5. Requests for lessons on techniques at the meet-up

While questions are welcome, we suggest that you check out knitting, which is a fantastic resource. knitting does not allow crossposting between knitting and other knitting communities, so if you have a knitting question, make sure you don't cross post.

Also, for the courtesy of your fellow community members, please put your pictures behind an lj-cut. If you don't cut, you'll get one warning from the mods before we delete.

One last thing: though it shouldn't even need to be said, sadly there have been a rash of random spammings on other communities lately, with the rationale being "the info doesn't say it's not allowed!" So, here it is: Spamming is not allowed. Thanks!

And, meet your mods!

phillyexpat has been knitting since she was six, but she was a slacker in college and put down her needles. Bad Philly. However, she has taken up knitting with a vengance again, evidenced by her holy huge yarn stash. Philly's knit a platypus, several penguins, and a wombat, but she's really looking forward to knitting her first sweater. If you want to see Philly's FOs and works in progress (WIPs), visit her Photobucket Site.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

skate97 was taught to knit by her Memere (that's grandmother in French...just a little bit of trivia ;) when she was about 12. She mostly finished one loooooooooong, ugly, hole-ridden scarf and promptly stopped. She was recently re-taught by the lovely rugglesem, and has been knitting nonstop ever since (with the occasionaly frantic call to phillyexpat for help ;) Here is her first FO, a simple garter stitch scarf for her mom for mother's day. Nothing exciting, but it's done :)

I just joined!
Great! Welcome! Now introduce yourself! In your first post, tell us:

1. How long you've been knitting for
2. What you're working on
3. Any skills you want to learn
4. A link to a project you want to try
5. A picture of you knitting or modelling a finished object (FO).

Do I have to know how to knit to join?
Heck no. In fact, we here at needlesinthehay revel the opportunity to suck people into the knitting obsession. We also welcome all crafters-crocheters, embroiderers, cross-stitchers, scrapbookers, you name it. Think of us as craft fusion!

So, why is this knitting community different from all other communities?
Glad you asked, Elijah. Think of this as the on-line syllabus for our IRL group. We'll have a leader for each meet-up who will pick the time, place, and any special activities/lessons/projects, with help from the mods.

Do I have to live in DC to join?
Nope! We have crafting friends all over the world! We'll have virtual activities for you to participate in-pattern scavenger hunts, charitable projects, technique classes, etc. We hope that when you visit DC, you'll join us!!!

Other helpful info

Local Yarn Stores (LYSs)

StitchDC-Eastern Market and Georgetown
Knit Happens: Nirvana For Knitters-Alexandria, VA
Knit and Stitch = Bliss-Bethesda, MD

Help me! I need to learn to . . .

Felt a knitted object
Graph a Fair Isle or Intarsia Project
Kitchener Stitch
Knit a Multi-Directional Scarf
Knit a pair of socks
Pick Up Stitches on a Vertical Edge
Substitute Yarn in a Pattern
Understand all those crazy knitting abbreviations and acronyms
Use Short Rows

And to quote Dude, Where's My Car? . . . "AND THEN????"

Blocking your FO
I need videos! Show me how to do it!
Look, Ma-I can do it myself!
Making Intarsia Charts With Photoshop

Give Me Free Patterns Or Give Me Death
Bernat Yarns Patterns
Berroco Yarns Patterns
Craft Yarn Council of America
Interweave Knits Selected Projects
Knitting @ About.com Pattern Library
Marnie McLean
Straw Into Gold
The Girl From Auntie

Exploring the World Wide Yarniverse-Great E-Retailers
Elann.com-Designer yarns at reduced prices.
KnitPicks-Pretty yarns at reasonable prices.
Herschnerrs.com-Wide selection of both bargain and designer yarns.
Joann.com-Great for bargain yarns & supplies. They have a lot of coupons.
WEBS-Great selection.
Yarnmarket.com-Higher end yarns-great for checking gauges.